I’m so happy to have my article published on Kimberley Seldon’s popular site for interior designers – Business of Design.‎ It’s all about how a mistake with wallpaper taught me an important business lesson. Check it out and see how you can learn from my mistake.

“I have been working with clients for the past year on their brand new dream home. We selected the perfect wallpaper for their powder room with just the right transitional pattern. They loved it. The installation was scheduled and we were all excited about seeing the final results.

Imagine how I felt when I received a text from my client in the evening with a photo of the wallpaper and a comment: “We think he hung the paper upside down. My heart sunk, my throat closed, and panic set in as I looked at the photo. Desperately I searched for the manufacturer’s photo online. My worst fear realized – the pattern was upside down. I wanted to throw up.”

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